Our carpenters are hugely experienced in the construction and repair of woodwork in offices, healthcare facilities such as hospitals and care homes, residential apartment blocks and more. Stairways, doorframes, partitions, kitchens and more are part of their everyday work. Precision is of the utmost importance when it comes to a quality finish and efficient use of time. Our experienced team already manage a number of facilities when it comes to commercial carpentry.

Air conditioning requires frequent maintenance, especially at commercial or industrial locations and by investing in this process your commercial air con will perform efficiently and ensure the air quality in your premises is excellent. Any air con maintenance carried out by our engineers will cause minimal disruption, so whether you need an air con upgrade or an entirely new ventilation system, simply speak to our team.

We excel at brickwork. Our background is in new builds, conversions and even listed building work, so if you are looking for commercial brickwork contractors to handle any brickwork such as repairs, wall building, construction or brickwork repointing, we are on hand to help. Specialist tasks such as repointing Victorian brickwork or waterproofing requires experts, so do not hesitate to contact us to resolve any issues you have.

The importance of commercial gutters is not to be underestimated as they take away all the water from the roof in order to safeguard your property. Industrial gutters need regular maintenance to ensure they do not leak or overflow when blocked by debris such as leaves. From gutter cleaning and repair to the installation of commercial gutters, D&N will be by your side to ensure your gutter maintenance is handled.

Our qualified and trusted roofers provide a service that ensures your property remains water tight and secure.

Our commercial roofing team regularly work on all kinds of buildings including healthcare facilities, retail locations and at large private properties such as flats and apartment buildings. We can carry out industrial roof repairs in order to maintain your roof and futureproof your building. Commercial roof repair work can also be minimised through regular checks and maintenance, which is another service available from our team.

Commercial electricians need to have indepth experience with all the correct accreditations before undertaking any work at a public building or commercial property.

Our electrical maintenance service is available to utilise whether you work in the public sector, you are a facility manager, or run a residential building. We provide electrical installations and maintenance, all of which is conducted by our own commercial electricians.

D&N Maintenance provides a commercial heating service to large residential properties such as care homes, student halls and apartment blocks.

Our commercial heating engineers provide maintenance services to ensure your residents, staff and visitors remain warm throughout the year and that a hot water supply is always available. From schools to offices, factories to public buildings our reliable and trustworthy engineers handle all things heating.

Our commercial plumbing service is available to utilise for facility managers of large residential, commercial, retail and healthcare properties.

We pride ourselves on an excellent level of workmanship with experienced plumbers available to assist with any plumbing problems or installations. From blocked drains and leaking taps to the refit of washrooms and boilers. D&N Maintenance can be your property plumbing partner and provide you with a flexible and trustworthy service as and when you need it.

We are experienced commercial decorating contractors who operate in locations such as hospitals, offices and hotels throughout Wiltshire and the South with the aim of causing as little disruption as possible.

For a quick and professional job and a high quality finish, we know experience really counts. We can work around your operating hours to minimise any impact on your facilities and have all the health and safety accreditations to work in commercial environments.

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